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Our business roots are in lumber (& wagons)…

Painting - Omaha Hardwood Lumber Company, April 16, 1898OHARCO started as Omaha Hardwood Lumber Company, April 16, 1898.  It was a partnership between Amos Field, G.W. Douglass and Frank D. Field.  Our business focus…to serve as a distributor of dimensional lumber and wooden wagon tongues.  

 To offer some perspective

  • 1898 was the same year Omaha hosted the Trans-Mississippi Exposition (the 1898 World’s Fair) attended by such dignitaries as President William McKinley and William Jennings Bryan.   
  • Barack Obama’s Inauguration marks the 20th president OHARCO has seen in office.  

Yes, we’ve been around that long!

We’ve grown to countertops, hardware, and more…
Over the last 120+ years, we’ve had some pretty progressive folks at the helm that helped grow OHARCO into a comprehensive building products distributor.

Amos Field, G.W. Douglass & Frank D. Field: 
  • Started OHARCO.  In 1919 they opened a branch plant in the heart of the hardwood district in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This plant provided raw materials to the OHARCO locations, including those established in 1920 in Sioux City and Des Moines, Iowa. 
Alva Sconce:
  • Took over ownership of OHARCO in the 1930’s.  He expanded the product offering to include plywood, hardwood flooring and interior products such as laminate, vinyl flooring, wood and brick wall paneling and stains and forged partnerships with manufacturers such as Formica.  
Robert Sconce
  • Succeeded his father as President of OHARCO in 1960.  He expanded OHARCO’s ability to serve customers as their local, distribution partner by opening regional warehouses.
Peter Starke

 Purchased OHARCO from Robert Sconce in 1977.  He established OHARCO as a premier specification-to-close distribution partner for the regional A & D community.  Peter established lasting relationships with vendors and customers

And we’re not done yet…
Oharco - The YardToday OHARCO’s leadership team, Bill Sauter, Cheryl Rau and Mike Overfelt, have over 40 years of combined experience at OHARCO (over 60 years in the industry.) They know the business and are committed to OHARCO’s mission of helping grow your business profitably.  Bill, Cheryl and Mike are making investments in innovative technology, equipment and specialized people with one goal in mind—to offer your business groundbreaking access to expertise, resources and products.   
So what’s the key to our success?
That’s simple—people.  We are a company family where if you haven’t been involved for at least 5 years, you really are a newbie—some folks have 30+ years and counting.  OHARCO is blessed with great people who know the value of relationships, respect, integrity and okay a little humor along the way.  These core values have kept OHARCO strong for 110+ years and will keep us moving forward well into the future.  

To our old friends, thanks for letting us serve you.  
       Your trust and confidence in OHARCO are truly treasured.  
To our new friends, welcome.
        We look forward to getting to know you and will strive to earn your continued business.  

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